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October 10, 2017

Before I started maternity leave I always thought to myself 'I can't wait to have everyday off work, what am I going to do with myself?!' I knew I'd be looking after a little one but I didn't realise that weeks would go by and I'd look back and think 'where did that time go?' 'What have I actually been doing the last few weeks?!'.

So I’m trying to think about what a typical week with my little one usually consists of:

MONDAY we usually go to our local Baby sensory class (say hello to the sun)! My little one loves it and to be honest I really look forward to it! Usually food shopping follows where I try to avoid the middle isles in Aldi, I fail miserably and always end up buying so many things I don’t need.. but I have to have them! Everyone needs a multi screwdriver right?

TUESDAY ........ usually a free day!

WEDNESDAY we have a mummy gym class, my little one is obsessed with the bright lights and the fact I’m jumping around like a lunatic tends to keep him occupied!

THURSDAY we have our sw...

September 17, 2017

1. When people say make the most of sleep while you can... listen to them!! You will NOT sleep when baby sleeps (that’s if baby even sleeps).
2. I hate to tell you this, but, if you’re lucky enough for baby to sleep through the night or he/she gets into some sort of sleep routine.. it won't last long so don't get used to it.
3. Don't eat for two, you'll regret it... (put that extra biscuit down).
4. Your boobs will never be the same again... nor will your stomach... or your dignity for that matter.
5. The birth will be awful, don't expect anything less…easily the most painful thing you’ll ever experience.
6. Postpartum sweating is a thing, night sweats like you’ve never experienced before, it’s grim!
7. Google is your answer to everything.
8. Google is also your worst enemy, don’t believe everything you read!
9. Scraping baby poo from underneath your finger nails will just become a normal part of your day.
10. You're not alone.. there will be plenty of mums feeling the way you feel.

September 10, 2017

It's natural…..if it's natural, why is it so damn bloody hard!?

Everyone said to me when I was pregnant ''the first two weeks of breastfeeding are the hardest'' and ''most women give up during the first few weeks''. Well, for me this wasn't the case, I couldn't believe my luck. I found it surprisingly easy and found myself thinking what on earth was all the fuss about!? If you’re a mum that found the first two weeks really tough (and thinking I’m a lucky cow) then don't worry it didn't last long!

My little one had to spend some time in our local Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), when I was able to take him out of the incubator he latched on straight away, I couldn't believe it! After everything he went through during labour and birth and he latched on first time! I think he thought ''mum deserves a break, I've put her through enough now, I’ll do this for her!’’. There was me thinking I'm so lucky to have this beautiful baby that’s breastfeeding so easily, has a feed every two hours, it was...

August 18, 2017

Whilst I'm busy writing my blog about my pregnancy I thought I'd post about our day today and my thoughts for the day.

Sometimes I feel guilty for not enjoying every single day of motherhood but the truth is, there are days where I'm so exhausted and emotionally drained that I struggle to enjoy it and feel guilty that I feel the way I do...
THEN, I have days like today where he's fed and slept like an angel, hasn't been grumpy and generally a content little baby and I wonder what I was making a fuss about.
Truth is, there are highs and lows of motherhood, nobody said it was easy but it's definitely worth it! Today we went to Scotney Castle with some family, the sun shined and we had a great day, one that I'll treasure!

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